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Test Type: Mock Car Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43
Try our 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 43 or more and the time allowed to complete the test is 57 minutes.
Good Luck

1) What does this motorway sign mean?
traffic sign

2) When joining a motorway you must always

3) A cover note is a document issued before you receive your

4) You wish to turn right ahead. Why should you take up the correct position in good time?

5) What is a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) declaration?

6) You are turning right onto a dual carriageway.
What should you do before emerging?

7) You are driving on an urban clearway.
You may stop only to

8) A police officer asks to see your documents. You do not have them with you.
You may be asked to take them to a police station within

9) You are following two cyclists. They approach a roundabout in the left-hand lane.
In which direction should you expect the cyclists to go?

10) On a three-lane dual carriageway the righthand lane can be used for

11) You are towing a caravan along a motorway. The caravan begins to swerve from side to side.
What should you do?

12) You are driving on a motorway. The traffic ahead is braking sharply because of an incident.
How could you warn traffic behind you?

13) You are following a long vehicle. It approaches a crossroads and signals left, but moves out to the right.
You should.

14) You are driving in freezing conditions. What should you do when approaching a sharp bend?
2 answers required

15) When is it acceptable for a passenger to travel in a car without wearing wearing a seat belt?

16) What percentage of all emissions does road transport account for?

17) Which FOUR of these must NOT use motorways?
4 answers required

18) Which of these is LEAST likely to be affected by crosswinds?

19) Your vehicle breaks down on the hard shoulder of a motorway. You decide to use your mobile phone to call for help.
You should

20) You are turning left into a side road.
What hazards should you be especially aware of?

21) You are waiting to turn right at the end of a road. Your view is obstructed by parked vehicles.
What should you do?

22) When should you use hazard warning lights?

23) You are on a motorway. There is a contraflow system ahead.
What would you expect to find?

24) A single carriageway road has this sign.
What is the maximum permitted speed for a car towing a trailer?

25) How old must you be to supervise a learner driver?

26) You are dazzled at night by a vehicle behind you.
You should

27) You are towing a trailer on a motorway. What is your maximum speed limit?

28) An injured motorcyclist is lying unconscious in the road.
You should always

29) On a motorway what is used to reduce traffic bunching?

30) You are planning a long journey. Do you need to plan rest stops?

31) You keep well back while waiting to overtake a large vehicle.
A car fills the gap. You should

32) Which THREE result from drinking alcohol?
3 answers required

33) Which TWO are badly affected if the tyres are under-inflated?
2 answers required

34) You should switch your rear fog lights on when visibility drops below

35) Freezing conditions will affect the distance it takes you to come to a stop.
You should expect stopping distances to increase by up to

36) You MUST stop when signalled to do so by a

37) The MAIN benefit of having four-wheel drive is to improve

38) You are driving in town. There is a bus at the bus stop on the other side of the road.
Why should you be careful?

39) What's the minimum time gap you should leave when following a vehicle on a wet road?

40) What is badly affected if the tyres are under-inflated?

41) Which of these should you allow extra room when overtaking?

42) At night you see a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a bright red light.
What does this mean?

43) On which THREE occasions MUST you stop your vehicle?
3 answers required

44) When should you NOT use your horn in a built-up area?

45) While driving, this warning light on your dashboard comes on.
It means

46) At an incident a casualty is unconscious but still breathing.
You should only move them if

47) Catalytic converters are fitted to make the

48) You keep well back while waiting to overtake a large vehicle. A car fills the gap.
You should

49) You are driving at dusk.
You should switch your lights on

2 answers required

50) In windy conditions you need to take extra care when

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