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Test Type: Mock Large Vehicle Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43
The practice LGV and PCV tests are shortened versions. The actual tests contain 100 questions, and you'll need 85 correct answers to pass.

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1) What should you do when driving or riding along a motorway?

2) At junctions it is difficult to see motorcyclists because they

3) In which of these situations should you avoid overtaking?

4) A lorry is overtaking you on a two-lane motorway.
It does not have the speed to get past. What should you do?

5) You are driving a long vehicle.
Before turning left onto a main road you should be ESPECIALLY careful of

2 answers required

6) What's the speed limit on a dual carriageway when you're carrying a load that's 4.5 metres (14 feet 9 inches) wide?

7) An attendant must accompany you when your load is wider than

8) You are behind a large vehicle.
How can you improve your view ahead?

9) Which three of the following could cause unnecessary pollution to the environment?
3 answers required

10) Fuel consumption could be made worse by continuous use of

11) You are driving on a motorway.
There has been an accident on the other side of the carriageway.
You should take extra care as traffic in your lane may

12) In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions?

13) Your mobile phone rings while you're travelling. What should you do?

14) You are turning right at a T-junction.
Your view to the right and left is blocked due to parked vehicles.
You should

15) It is an offence to bring an illegal immigrant into the UK.
The current fine can be up to

16) What basic rule applies when you're using a motorway?

17) You're driving a slow-moving vehicle on a narrow, winding road. What should you do?

18) Many sleep-related vehicle incidents (SRVIs) occur at work.
Men are more likely than women to be involved.
Between what ages are men most at risk?

19) Which of these can help to maximise fuel economy?

20) While you're driving in fog, it becomes necessary to use front fog lights. What should you remember?

21) What does this sign mean?

22) Coasting downhill could seriously affect the correct working of the

23) You are on a motorway in a high-sided vehicle.
You should be ESPECIALLY aware of the effects of crosswinds

24) You are approaching this sign. Who has priority?

25) A long, heavily laden lorry is taking a long time to overtake you.
What should you do?

26) What's the minimum time gap you should leave when following a vehicle on a wet road?

27) Codes are shown on the side walls of bus and lorry tyres.
What do these refer to?

28) Your vehicle is fitted with spray suppression equipment.
What effect will this have on other drivers if it is NOT in good working order?

29) You notice that two wheel nuts are missing from one of the wheels.
What should you do?

30) You are about to overtake a motorcyclist. They look over their right shoulder.
It is most likely that

31) Under EC rules an analogue tachograph must be checked at an approved calibration centre every

32) A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you, causing you to brake hard. What should you do?

33) Some ancillary equipment can increase fuel consumption.
Which will cause the greatest increase?

34) You are at the front of a queue of traffic waiting to turn right into a side road.
Why is it important to check your right mirror just before turning?

35) You will be driving your vehicle in Europe.
Which of these documents MUST you carry?

36) You are driving a vehicle higher than 3.0 metres (10 feet).
Extra care must be taken when driving

3 answers required

37) You are driving a school bus.
You MUST avoid all physical contact with school children other than

38) You're driving a lorry carrying a load that's 4.5 metres (14 feet 9 inches) wide. What's the maximum speed you're allowed to drive on a motorway?

39) The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) requires you to take training every five years.
What is the MINIMUM number of hours training required?

40) When planning your route which of the following should be taken into consideration?
3 answers required

41) When driving a laden vehicle downhill,
the effect of gravity will tend to

3 answers required

42) The holder of a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is required to take 35 hours of training every five years.
This training must be taken in blocks of at least

43) You are driving a fully-laden vehicle.
You are approaching an uphill gradient as you are overtaking another vehicle.
Which of the following is NOT correct?

44) A number of sleep related vehicle incidents (SRVIs) are probably work related.
What percentage involve commercial vehicles?

45) Before you leave your vehicle you must always

46) The purpose of a 'kneeling bus' is to

47) On which TWO occasions would passengers be most likely
to notice weight transfer?

2 answers required

48) Before leaving the cab you should make sure that
3 answers required

49) When lifting a heavy box or suitcase manually, what should you try to do?

50) The time is 10 am. You have been driving non-stop since 6 am.
Under EC rules what is the longest you may now drive without a break?

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