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Test Type: Mock Large Vehicle Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43
The practice LGV and PCV tests are shortened versions. The actual tests contain 100 questions, and you'll need 85 correct answers to pass.

LGV Theory test Download

1) A laminated windscreen is one which

2) A long, heavily laden lorry is taking a long time to overtake you.
What should you do?

3) When a vehicle has two drivers each driver should

4) You are securing a very heavy load with a ratchet strap.
What type of anchorage point should NOT be used?

5) You are unable to allow a person in a wheelchair to enter your bus.
What would be the reason for this?

6) Which three of the following could cause unnecessary pollution to the environment?
3 answers required

7) What does this traffic sign mean?

8) You are driving at the maximum speed limit for your vehicle on a clear motorway.
You should keep to

9) You are driving a high-sided vehicle.
You are about to drive over a high suspension bridge.
What in particular do you need to be aware of?

10) You are driving a fully-laden vehicle.
You are approaching an uphill gradient as you are overtaking another vehicle.
Which of the following is NOT correct?

11) While you're driving in fog, it becomes necessary to use front fog lights. What should you remember?

12) It is an offence to bring an illegal immigrant into the UK.
The current fine can be up to

13) What does this sign mean?

14) Your bus breaks down on the motorway.
You have several passengers on board.
You should

2 answers required

15) Your vehicle has collided with a railway bridge.
You must telephone the railway authority to inform them of the

3 answers required

16) You are turning right at a T-junction.
Your view to the right and left is blocked due to parked vehicles.
You should

17) 'Brake fade' is a loss of effectiveness of the brakes, caused by their continuous use.
When would this be most likely to happen?

18) Codes are shown on the side walls of bus and lorry tyres.
What do these refer to?

19) You are behind a large vehicle.
How can you improve your view ahead?

20) You are driving along a motorway.
The brake low-pressure warning device starts to operate.
What should you do?

21) You are uncoupling a trailer.
Before disconnecting any of the airlines, you MUST

22) A bus driver MUST not drive while
3 answers required

23) What does this sign mean?
traffic sign

24) What's the speed limit on a dual carriageway when you're carrying a load that's 4.5 metres (14 feet 9 inches) wide?

25) What does this sign mean?
traffic sign

26) What does this temporary sign mean for drivers of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass?

27) What happens to diesel fuel when it gets hot?

28) What's the purpose of road humps, chicanes and narrowings?

29) You are driving a lorry with an ISO container on a trailer.
You must make sure that

30) At the scene of an accident a person has become hysterical.
You should calm them by

31) Your mobile phone rings while you're travelling. What should you do?

32) In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions?

33) Some ancillary equipment can increase fuel consumption.
Which will cause the greatest increase?

34) You have a digital tachograph driver smart card. It is valid for a maximum of

35) The audible warning device is operating as you reverse.
You should be

36) You are driving on a motorway.
Your stopping distance can increase by up to ten times if the road surface is

37) Which of these components are generally found in an internal combustion engine?
3 answers required

38) As a driver you should use your mirrors
2 answers required

39) When you are driving between 2 am and 7 am there is a particular risk,
in relation to your 'body clock'. You are more likely to

40) You are following a lorry with a leaking fuel tank.
What should you be especially aware of?

41) Your vehicle is more than 3 metres (9 feet 10 inches) high.
Where is this information usually displayed?

42) You are driving a long vehicle.
Before turning left onto a main road you should be ESPECIALLY careful of

2 answers required

43) You are driving through the night.
You notice that your steering feels lighter than normal.
What could this mean?

44) At junctions it is difficult to see motorcyclists because they

45) The holder of a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is required to take 35 hours of training every five years.
This training must be taken in blocks of at least

46) In England and Wales, what is the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for a rigid lorry with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes?

47) The vehicle ahead is being driven by a learner. You should

48) Your vehicle has a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 40 tonnes.
The tare weight is 10 tonnes.
What would your maximum payload be?

49) You are driving a school bus.
You MUST avoid all physical contact with school children other than

50) You are returning to the UK and about to board a ferry.
An immigration officer asks to see your documentation.
What must you produce immediately?

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