Getting Started with your driving lessons
Learning to Drive

Starting Out

All the things you need to know to get started to lean to drive. Your Provisional Driving Licence, Learning to drive with your family and friends, How to find a Quality Driving Instructor, Search DVSA Driving School Listing.

Theory Driving Test

Theory & Hazard Test

A complete listing of all our Theory and Hazard Perception Test information. Lots of questions, quizzes and mock tests. If it's for the Car, Motorcycle, LGV or PCV theory tests we have it here!

Practical Driving Test

Practical Test

All you need to know about the practical driving test in the UK. From what to expect on your big day to how to do all those horrible driving test manoeuvres. We also have video lessons to help you on your way

Getting Started
Driving Test Video

Driving Lesson Tutorials

These driving video tutorials will help you to get a better idea of what you need to know when you're starting out learning to drive. These show you all the Basic Skills such as Gear changing, Steering, Moving off,Stopping, Manoeuvres, Emergency Stops, dealing with roundabouts, cross roads, junctions.....the list is endless!

Cheap Insurance for Learner Drivers

New Driver Insurance Advice

Before driving any vehicle, make sure that it has cover for your use or that your own insurance gives you adequate cover. You MUST NOT drive a vehicle without insurance.

  • Temporary Car Insurance for Learner Drivers
  • Now you have passed your driving test

    Extra driving help

    Passed your Driving Test ? Congratulations you can rip up those L plates! Now the real learning starts!
    We hope you will continue to drive and improve on the high standard you have reached.