Advanced Driving Lessons

Well Done on passing your Driving Test.

The current Government "L" driving test allows the candidate to make up to 15 minor (driving) errors over a route often not exceeding 9 miles and taking less than 40 minutes to complete.
YOU have passed your "L" driving test a while ago, perhaps with 'flying colours'.

Now learn to handle the stress of today's congested driving conditions.

Are You an experienced driver?
Taking an interest in your driving turns it from a dull, everyday task into a real source of interest, enjoyment and long-term satisfaction.

Here are some the well known Advanced Driving Institutes.


Defensive & Advanced Driving Courses

Drivers Domain provide advanced driver training for both private and corporate customers across the UK. The business was set up in 2003 and started life as a resource and information website for drivers looking to raise their driving standards. Business owner, Rob Morgan an advanced driver himself since the age of 17, quickly saw a gap in the market to offer competitively priced advanced driver training from a company that provides a personal service with a team that care.

Drivers Domain UK offers advanced driver training that is based on Roadcraft - and specifically looks at raising the standard of driving by addressing the specific needs and requirements of the driver. Each customer taking an advanced driving course has the opportunity to take a short test at the end, and also receives a full driving report from the tutor who trained them.

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Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM)

The aims and objectives of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM) are very simple:-

To improve the standard of driving (and riding) on the UK roads.
The Advancement of Road Safety.
The Administration of an Advanced Test.

Those aims were set in the late 1950s and are still relevant today. Too many people are being killed or seriously injured on our roads each and every year and it is well known that the majority of accidents are caused by Driver Error. Educate the driver into a better way of driving and the accident rate will fall - it's drivers that cause accidents, not cars. While educating drivers is not explicity one of the IAMs objectives, that is what we try to do (and do the best) because that meets all the other objectives.

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RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders

The main aim of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders is the reduction of road accidents by encouraging interest in road safety, by improving driving standards, knowledge and skill and by enabling members to pass RoSPA's Advanced Driving Test.
To become a member of RoSPA Advanced Driver and Riders, you need to successfully pass the Advanced test which can be upgraded to a BTEC qualification and then pay a Membership subscription that will entitle you to a number of benefits. These benefits include discounts on RAC Membership, discounts through Devitt insurance, subscription to the RoSPA Care on the Road newspaper and many more.

The organisation also has a network of local groups*, many of which have motorcycle sections, and have trained and experienced tutors willing to offer you free advice, assessments and support to help you prepare for the test. Joining one of these groups is not necessary to take the test, however, the majority of participants feel as though they benefit from being part of the local group.

*Additional Membership fees may apply.

For full details of the RoSPA Advanced Test and how to become a RoSPA Advanced Driver or Rider, you can visit
Alternatively, you can call 0870 777 2099 or


DIAmond Advanced Motorists

The DIAmond Advanced Motorist Test is the only advanced test in the UK available to the general public that uses the Government's Driving Standards Agency's test marking system.

The current L-test allows candidates to make up to 15 minor driving faults over a route which is often shorter than six miles, and takes 40 minutes or less. The Diamond Advanced Test allows a maximum of six minor faults in an hour's driving over a wide variety of road types and conditions.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate progressive driving skills throughout, at a much higher level of competence than the L-test. Training includes driving at night, on motorways and in adverse weather conditions, and your instructor will be asked to confirm the required level of experience in these areas before you take the Advanced Test.

More Information about the Diamond Advanced Motorists Test can be found at