How to Deal With Aquaplaning

In heavy or persistent rain, pools can form across the road.
Aquaplaning occurs because the tyres cannot clear the road of water and a "wedge" of water forms between the tyre and the road, losing any traction between tyres and road.

Your Steering appears light, like your driving on a sheet of ice.

Aquaplaning can be a terrifying experience, however, it is not the initial stages of an incident that will cause loss of control of the vehicle, it will be what the driver does in response the incident that will become the problem.

As soon as you feel the car begin to aquaplane just take your foot off the accelerator and DON'T use the brake.

DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!

If any braking is done at any time this will only make everything worse, so do not make any speed or directional changes.

The period of aquaplaning, for 99% of occasions, will be for no more than a second or two.

Hold the steering wheel,

taking your foot off the accelerator

and NOT using the brake

This will be enough for you to gain control of the vehicle.

In seconds, the car control will come back, and you can continue your journey again.