Driving an Automatic Car

no clutch Please Note
You can take the driving test in an automatic car.
However, when you pass your test, your driving licence will only entitle you to drive an Automatic.

If you require to drive a manual car, you will need to take a manual test.

Learning to start, stop and steer is much easier in automatic cars. The right foot should normally be used to control the accelerator and footbrake. Because there is no clutch, your left foot should not need to be used at all.
When the initial gear selection has been made, usually when the vehicle is stopped, all subsequent changes are carried out automatically. They are regulated by the car's speed and the pressure applied on the accelerator.

When driving automatic cars, the brakes have to be used more often to avoid its natural tendency to creep forwards.

Automatic cars enable drivers to concentrate on the more important things, such as planning ahead and steering.

It makes learning to drive easier, particularly for older or disabled people.

Your instructor should explain about the extra use of the handbrake and different techniques used to control the car at low speeds.

Practice makes perfect, so get plenty of practice from an Approved Driving Instructor.

FAQ about Automatics:-
In a automatic car when you stop at lights or at a give way sign do you need to put the car into "park" or "neutral" or put the handbrake on in either of these , or just brake?
From time to time you will stop in traffic. On these occasions you need to make sure that the car is secure. Whether driving a manual or automatic, it's a good idea to use the handbrake to secure the car when you stop for more than a moment. This helps to prevent the car from being shunted forward if hit from behind.
In an automatic it's even more important to use the handbrake; if you are hit from behind the car will try to take off! Stay in drive so that you are ready to move and apply the handbrake firmly.
If waiting a long time, apply the handbrake and then select neutral. This removes the chance of 'creep' if the handbrake is not securely applied.
When parking use the 'park' position as soon as you stop. This locks the transmission.

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