How to book the Practical Test

It's best NOT to apply for your practical test until your Instructor tells you when you are ready.

You can not apply for the practical test unless you have taken and passed the2passTheory Test

There is usually a waiting time for tests. The waiting times varies from place to place but can range from a few weeks to 12 weeks.
Examiners are now conducting tests from 08:00 and during lunchtimes (12:00hrs to 13:00hrs).
Although not every test centre has introduced these, there are many who have.

Saturday and weekday evening tests are available at some driving test centres. The fee for these are higher than for a driving test during normal working hours on weekdays. Evening tests are available during the summer months only.

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If you prepare well you have an excellent chance of passing.

You can book your practical test in a number of ways:-


Practical Test OFFICIAL Online Booking Service

The most popular way to book the practical test is Online

Don’t pay any extra for your theory and practical test bookings - make sure you always use the official Gov UK website.

Booking with Gov UK guarantees a service that you can trust, and it will always be cheaper than a third party booking service. There is no extra booking costs.

2pass and DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) recommends all car and motorcycle test bookings are made via the official Gov UK website.

The Gov UK website has an on-line booking system.
2passClick here to take you there!

To book a practical test you will need a:-
Valid UK driving licence number.
Theory test Pass Certificate number.
Valid debit/credit card for payment.

Can't find your Theory test Pass Certificate number?
Don't worry, 2passGov UK website that lets you find your lost number on-line.
It takes around 2 minutes to use the new service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use your name, driving licence number and date of birth to find your number.

The Video below give you step by step details on how to book the Practical test on-line


By Phone
You can book your practical test by telephone, using your credit card or debit card. The person who books the test must be the cardholder.
If you book by this method you’ll be given the date and time of your test immediately.
You can do this by calling 0300 200 1122 at any time between 8am and 12pm Monday to Friday.( because of declining volume of calls, the DVSA phone lines will no longer be available in the afternoons)
Welsh language booking line - 0300 200 1133
Minicom booking line - 0300 200 1144
Fax booking line - 0300 200 1155

When you phone you should have:-
tickYour theory test pass certificate number
tickYour driver number shown on your licence
tickThe type of test you wish to book ( car, motorcycle, LGV, PCV)
tickYour personal details (name, address, day / evening telephone numbers)
tickDriving school code number (if known. This is used so your instructor is not double booked)
tickYour preferred date
tickUnacceptable days or periods
tickIf you can accept a test at short notice (consult your Instructor beforehand, if necessary)
tickDisability or any special circumstances

You will be given a booking number.
You will be sent an appointment card with your details of the time and date of your test.
Check the Date and time of your allotted test with your Instructor


Special Notes

Documents you must take for the Practical Driving Test.
You must bring the following documents with you.
If you do not bring the right documents, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) may refuse to carry out the test and you may lose your fee.

For all types of tests
You must bring:
your theory test pass certificate (or confirmation) if you are not exempt
both parts of your photo card licence

For motorcycle tests
You must also bring your:
compulsory basic training certificate (CBT) to both modules
motorcycle module one test pass certificate to your module two test

For lorry and bus tests
You must also bring both your multiple choice and hazard perception pass letters or your overall theory test pass certificate letter.

If you have an old-style paper licence
You must take your signed driving licence and you must also bring one of these with you:
a valid passport
an identity card for European Economic Area and Swiss nationals who live in the UK

No other form of photographic identification will be accepted.

Lost driving licence

If you misplace your driving licence, you must apply for a replacement from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), which could take up to 15 days.
If this happens, you may have to rearrange your test.

To Cancel Your practical test appointment

If you wish to cancel your practical test appointment, you must give the DVSA at least 3 clear working days notice, not counting the day DVSA received your request and the day of the test. Check the cancellation date on your appointment letter.
If you don't give enough notice you will lose your fee.

You can take your test in your own car. Make sure the car is insured for you to use for this purpose.
Make sure that the vehicle you intend to drive is legally roadworthy and has a current MOT certificate, if it's over the prescribed age.
Your examiner will ask you to sign a declaration that your insurance is in order. The test will not be conducted if you are unable/unwilling to do so.

Note: A hire car is unlikely to be insured for the driving test. You should check with the hire company before you sign the declaration at the test centre.
Your vehicle should also display
L plates (or, if you wish, D plates, if taking your test in Wales) displayed to the front and rear.

Your vehicle must also have:-
A fully functional seat belt fitted to the front passenger seat
An interior mirror for the examiner's use.
The fitted head restrain should not be removed from the front passenger seat
Specially adapted vehicles may be exempt from these requirements.

If you overlook any of these your test will be cancelled and you may lose your fee.

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