Driving Age Rumours


We have received many questions from worried teenagers regarding rumours of the minimum driving age going up to 18 in the UK.

The driving age could (It's not yet Law!) be raised to 18 in an attempt to slash the death toll on our roads. Also young people could be forced to wait until they are 19 before they qualify for a full licence under radical plans being considered by ministers. Currently they can be driving independently at 17.

Under the proposals young people would still be allowed to learn to drive when they turn 17.
But they would have to turn 18 before they could take their test, and would also have to log 120 hours of supervised practice, including 20 hours at night.

After passing their test the novice motorist would then remain ‘on probation’ for 12 months and be required to carry a green ‘P’ plate on their car.

During this time they would be banned from carrying passengers aged under 30 or from driving between the hours of 10pm and 5am unless they are accompanied by an adult aged over 30.

All new drivers, including older motorists, would also face restrictions on night driving, a lower drink-drive limit and a ban on using a hands-free mobile phone for 12 months after passing their test.

If after consultation the Government decided to go ahead there would almost certainly have to be new Laws. Notice of a Bill would then perhaps be given in the Queens speech at the state opening of parliament.

The Bill would the have to pass through both houses of parliament (assuming the Lords are still there).

Passage of a Bill requiring novice drivers to have held a provisional licence for one year before taking a test would be unlikely to receive an easy passage.

A new rumour appears to be developing that 2passmotorway driving and night driving is to be incorporated into the driving test.

This would be impractical. Not everyone in the UK lives near a Motorway.
If night driving were included in the test, it would require the tests to be conducted after 11pm in the long summer days.

However, Learner Drivers can now have motorway driving lessons.
However there are special rules.
These can be found here:- 2pass Learner drivers to be allowed on Motorways in England, Scotland and Wales from Monday 4 June 2018

When you pass your test and if you are anxious about motorway or night driving, please have a few extra lessons with your driving Instructor, or better still, have a go at the 2passPass Plus course.

The current Driving Laws in the UK

You cannot start to drive a car until your provisional driving licence has been accepted and in your possession. If you are in receipt of the higher rate of disability, you can start to learn how to drive when you reach your 16th Birthday otherwise you will have to wait until your 17th Birthday.

driving ageClick here if you are of driving age and wish to apply for a driving licence.

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