Important Decisions to Make as Your Driving Test Draws Near

You’ve already taken quite a few lessons and have a date set for your driving test. Whether it’s your first test or a re-test, you know that pretty soon you’ll have passed and be on the road with a full driving license. That’s exciting!

Most people who are learning to drive either do so with a vehicle provided by the driving school or they use a friend’s vehicle. You’re probably not much different to them. The question is, what will you do about having your own vehicle to drive once you’re fully qualified? It’s an issue that new drivers do think about. Let’s dig a little into your future driving choices to see what your best options are.

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What Vehicle Characteristics Do You Prefer?

Maybe you’ve driven in more than one vehicle while taking driving lessons? Or, perhaps you’ve stuck with driving a manual or an automatic because that’s what was comfortable for you? In either case, you probably want to stick with the type of gearbox that you’ve run up some hours of lessons on. This way, this type of car will feel instantly familiar.

In terms of engine size, usually, drivers take lessons in a modestly-powered vehicle. After all, there’s not much cause to drive quickly when you’re learning. With your own car, what litre engine would you prefer? Something with a bit more power than the vehicle you’ve been driving or something comparable?

Are You Comfortable Driving a Small or Larger Vehicle?

Newer drivers can feel uncertain when getting into a larger vehicle when they’ve only previously driven smaller ones. What are your feelings about that? Is there only yourself to drive to work? Or, will you be taking it in turns carpooling with friends or have a partner who wants to borrow the car and two kids to get to school in the morning too?

When you know the size of vehicle that you’re comfortable getting behind the wheel of and you understand your needs, it’s easier to pick out a vehicle that’ll be right for you.

Car Lease or Buy? What to Do When You’ve Not Decided Yet?

When you’re nearing your test and wondering what car you’ll want, the question comes up whether to buy or lease. Given that it’s probably your first vehicle, you might be unsure what vehicle to buy. When you cannot decide just yet, then car leasing is strongly worth considering.

With Car Leasing, you can drive a different car every couple of years. It is a great way to evolve as a driver and learn what car you prefer. You can also better discover which one suits your life. It certainly saves money vs. buying a car that you’re not sure about and making a poor purchase decision.

When you’re worried about an upcoming driving test, it’s beneficial to think about other things to take your mind off it. Otherwise, you could build up too much anxiety associated with test day and risk making too many mistakes. Keep a clear head by thinking positively and plan for the days after passing your test.

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