Driving Tests Around The World

Taking a driving test can be a nail-biting experience. British driving examiners are notoriously rigorous, and around half of all applicants will fail their test.

However, candidates should spare a thought for learners in South Africa, where simply making a noise with the handbrake can result in a fail. Japanese candidates face a similarly strict exam, as the car must remain within a metre of the curb at all times.

In other countries, the driving test is little more than a formality. Both the Kenyan and Turkish varieties take around two minutes to complete, and Pakistani applicants need only drive through a set of cones to pass.

Theory tests also vary from country to country. The Spanish Highway Code is around three times longer than the UK version, and Norwegian drivers must take a theory course before beginning practical lessons. In contrast, residents of Sierra Leone learn the rules of the road by playing a board game.

The team at Barrington Freight have put together an infographic of driving tests from around the world, from the rigorous to the ramshackle. See the original post here, or check out the infographic below.

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