How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers

As a driver, you actually have a lot of control over the risks you face on the road. Knowing the best way to deal with the everyday situations you encounter will help ensure you reach your destination safely.

Here are some of the most important driving techniques and habits you can (and should) adopt.

We explain how you can:

2passProtect yourself from aggressive drivers.

2passApply the 2-second rule to stay a safe distance behind the car in front, plus other critical vehicle-handling techniques.

2passNot drive impaired - When most of us think of impaired driving, we think of people who drink and drive. But anything that decreases your ability to judge the situation around you and to react appropriately can be dangerous. And the problem with being impaired is that we often don't realise the extent of our own impairment

2passWatch out at junctions. Share the road with lorrys, and keep clear of their large blind spots.

2passPull over for a fire engines, ambulance or police cars.

Don't be an aggressive driver

Whether you're doing the daily commute, seeing the sights on a day trip, or just running to the local grocery for a pint of milk, here are ways to keep calm on the road: