New Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) Hazard Perception Test 2015

Thursday, 18th December,2014

The hazard perception part of the driving theory test will be updated with computer generated imagery (CGI) from Monday 12th January 2015.

The old test was made up of filmed video clips which show everyday road scenes. These clips are still relevant, but the image quality isn’t as clear or defined as modern technology allows.

By using new CGI clips, DVSA can introduce clips in the future which show situations with vulnerable road users - like children, cyclists, and motorcyclists - without risk.

The way that the hazard perception part of the theory test works won’t be changing. The pass mark will stay the same.

Any products that you’ve been using to help you practise the hazard perception part of the test are still relevant.
You don’t need to have practised with CGI clips in order to take and pass the test.

Watch this video to see an example of a CGI clip and to find out how the test works.