Road Signs On Holiday

Tuesday, 22nd June, 2016

Are you thinking of hiring a car for your next holiday?

Have you sorted out your car insurance? Before jetting off on your jollies, have you familiarised yourself with the basic rules and road signs for your destination? If not, we’d definitely recommend you to.

Road signs play a vital role for motorists - to ensure the safety of drivers and prevention of accidents. Without these signs there would be chaos on the roads and more accidents than ever. To ensure a smooth and safe journey, drivers need to be confident behind the wheel and to be confident you need to know the three core points: Once you have done your research you can enjoy a stress free holiday!

To test your knowledge on global road signs, Co-op Insurance have created a quiz to test your knowledge on global road signs and here are some examples of roads signs within the quiz:

holiday road sign holiday road signholiday road sign

Yep, I’m just as confused as you are!

Take the quiz below, and put your knowledge to the test.