How To Feel Safe On The Road When You Pass Your Test

Months of practicing for your driving test has finally paid off. You now have the freedom to drive on the open road and go where you want to. However, some new drivers, and particularly teen drivers, still feel anxious even after passing the test. If you are one of them, here are some of the ways to address your concerns…

Take safety driving lessons

driving lessons After passing your test, learning is not over. To feel safer on the road, you can enrol on courses that will help you become an even better driver. Learning to drive is not enough. There are more skills you can learn that are sure to keep you safe on the road. You can also choose to take the Pass Plus test, which may help you get a discount on your car insurance.

Always check your vehicle

Before driving, especially if you are going on a long journey, it helps to make sure that everything in your vehicle is in good running condition. Check oil and water levels, test the brakes, and see if the tyres have enough air in them. It also helps to have an emergency toolkit handy in the boot of your car, so that you are ready in case of any untoward incidents. Setting off safe in the knowledge that all this in place will help to put you at ease.

Adjust the car

This is an important step, especially if you share the vehicle with someone else. Adjust the mirrors, your seat and the height of the steering wheel. These can all make a big difference when you are driving on the road. You wouldn’t want to have to fiddle with your mirrors on the move. If set up properly from the start then you’ll have one less safety worry and good clear vision of the space surrounding your vehicle.

Keep learning

Passing the test is not the end of the process. You’ll learn a lot through experience and you might also encounter the odd road sign or situation that you’re still a little hazy on. Don’t worry – remember there are websites which can help you practice your theory test and it’s helpful for any motorist, however experienced, to return to them every now and again.

Use signal lights and the horn

Some new drivers forget to use the signals and the horn when they first start to drive. Always use your signal when making turns or when overtaking. In addition, use your horn to alert other drivers or pedestrians when needed. Sometimes learners can get used to the fact that they have someone alongside them with dual control over the vehicle while they are learning. They are no longer there to step in. Get into good habits surrounding the tools you have to alert other drivers to your intentions and you’ll be a safer motorist all round.

Take enough rest

Rest is an important part of driving. Never drive when you lack sleep or feel fatigued. Having enough rest will ensure that you are alert while driving. Road accidents can happen when drivers are unfocused or tired. If you are feeling sleepy, see if someone else can step in to drive.

Feeling anxious after passing your driving test is normal. Once you’ve been on the road long enough, driving will become second nature. Keep these tips at the forefront of your mind while behind the wheel and you’ll soon be at that stage.