Learner drivers have spent over £100 million on failed theory tests!

Thurs, 21st June, 2018

Figures collected by Driving Test Success state that, since 2013, a total of 8,054,178 Theory Tests have been taken across the UK - with 4,030,170 resulting in a failure - costing a staggering £103,795,860*.

Driving Test Success believe that learners being underprepared and not spending a sufficient amount of time practising are the major factors for the average pass rate currently sitting at 48.7%, meaning over £20 million is wasted on failed Theory Tests annually.

The study found that over 60% of learners that failed, revised for under 5 hours in the lead up to their Theory Test, and 40% of learners only purchased a Theory Test aid within 14 days of their Theory Test**. If learners were to spend longer practising, the pass rate would be higher, thus reducing the amount lost on failed Theory Tests.

Encouraging statistics show that users of the Driving Test Success Theory Test app have a first-time pass rate of 81.78%**. With the projected cost of failing set to be over £20 million for 2017/2018, if every learner across the nation was to use the app, the yearly average amount spent on failing the Theory Test could be reduced to less than £4 million per year.

Craig Johnson, Managing Director at Focus Multimedia, the parent company of Driving Test Success, said: “ With the current pass rate for the Theory Test sitting at 48.7%, we believe that with the 5 or more hours worth of preparation and revision, learners can expect to achieve a first time pass.

“ With the cost of the test currently standing at £23, combined with a lengthy waiting time, it is vital that learners have access to the tools they need to pass first time.

Our 4-in-1 Theory Test app is a fantastic opportunity for learner drivers to gain all the knowledge and experience needed to pass their Theory Test first time around.”

Steve Horton, Director of Communications for Road Safety GB, said: “ I’m sure many learner drivers may take it for granted that they know the basic rules of the road, so preparing for their Theory Test probably takes a back seat to the practical side of driving tuition.

However, the Theory Test is a vital part of getting a driving licence and has been in place for over 20 years to support new drivers in not just to become licenced, but to adjust to their new status as ‘qualified driver’.

The Theory Test has two elements; the multiple choice and Hazard Perception and without achieving the pass mark in both, the learner isn’t allowed to take their practical test. So in addition to the cost of being underprepared to take the Theory Test, failing it delays the opportunity to take the practical test.

Even though the Theory Test is completed online, it shouldn’t be just a ‘tick box exercise’. Knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road underpin how we all should act and help us to better anticipate the actions of others, whilst the Hazard Perception test helps with developing the key skill of observation to identify and anticipate risks.”

*Data gathered from DfT ‘driving tests and instructors statistics’ table DRT5201 (2017).
**Data gathered from a survey conducted in 2018 by Driving Test Success. ᵻ Source DfT drt2501, 2017/18 YTD (Oct-Dec 17)

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