What Are The Pros Of Learning In An Electric Car?

Learning to drive is an exciting, but anxious experience, as you take to the roads on your own and have full control of a car. With there being so many things to think about and remember, such as changing gears, following directions and driving safely with other drivers on the road, it can take some learners many attempts to pass their test. However, with electric cars on the rise, more and more people are beginning to learn in an EV. So, what are the pros of learning in an electric car?

Beneficial For Driving Instructors

Compared to cars run by petrol or diesel, electric vehicles only need an electric car charging cable, making the running costs lower and more affordable. As well as running costs being significantly lower, by teaching students in an electric car you can also save money on maintenance costs. Driving lessons can result in wear and tear for your car, including the brakes, which are a crucial part of the car, especially with new drivers! Fortunately with electric vehicles, the brakes are more effective and use regenerative braking instead of conventional friction-based braking.

electric cars for driving instructors

More Electric Cars On The Road

If a learner passes their test in an electric car, it will mean that they will be limited to driving an automatic car. However, this will encourage learners to buy an electric car as their first car, as they will be used to driving one and will understand the environmental benefits of an electric vehicle. Therefore, we should see more and more electric cars on the road, as new drivers pass their tests. Learning to drive an automatic car is easier than a manual, as you don’t have to worry about which gear you need to be in and can focus on other aspects of learning to drive. This convenience and ease will also be persuade new drivers to purchase an electric car as their first car.

Cost Effective Solution

As electric cars are more cost effective to run, instructors won’t need to have their prices as high, so learners can save some money on their lessons. In turn, this will offer an incentive for new drivers to learn in an electric vehicle.

Better For The Environment

With instructors giving multiple lessons a day, their cars are continuously giving off emissions which produces a negative impact on the environment. However, by switching to electric cars, this will cut down some of the emissions given off every day by cars, as a high percentage will be electric instead. Today, young people are more concerned about the environment and are actively aware of their carbon footprint. Knowing that learning to drive in an electric car is more beneficial for the environment, will encourage young learners to choose an electric vehicle, as opposed to a conventional car. As you can see, there are a number of pros to learning to drive in an electric car for both the learner and the instructor. From helping the environment to saving money, the future is sure to see more and more driving schools using electric cars instead.