Provisional Learner Driving Licence In the UK

You cannot start to drive a car until your provisional driving licence has been accepted and in your possession. If you are in receipt of the higher rate of disability, you can start to learn how to drive when you reach your 16th Birthday otherwise you will have to wait until your 17th Birthday.

You can apply for your licence up to 3 months before your licence is due to start. But you MUST NOT drive on the road until your licence has arrived and not until the day of your 17th birthday.

You can apply for a moped provisional licence when you are 16, but you have to take and pass the2passCBT test before you are allowed on the road.

If you already hold a valid full driving licence and want to learn to drive larger vehicles, minibuses or buses you will need to apply for provisional entitlement for these vehicles.

Your Provisional licence does not expire until your 70th Birthday.
However, you have to renew your photo part of your licence every 10 years, so your photo can be updated.

There are a lot of rumours about the driving age in the UK increasing to 18. 2passMore

If you have never held a driving licence before you will need to apply for a provisional licence. You must complete driving licence application and photocard application form D1(available from most post offices) and the appropriate fee.

The new D1 form, will have an area in the bottom left corner for you to attach your photograph

You can now apply for your first provisional licence on-line.
See 2passHow to apply for your Provisional Driving Licence ONLINE for more details.

A list of fees can be found 2pass here.

Once you’ve filled it in your UK driving licence application form (D1), send your completed form to DVLA, Swansea, using the appropriate postcode shown on the form.

Make sure you include these items with your application:

Please note, the DVLA reserves the right to see original identity documents.

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