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PRINTABLE TEST (answers on the bottom of the page)
Test Type: Mock Bike Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43

1) You are approaching a roundabout. There are horses just ahead of you. What should you do?

2) What does this sign mean?

3) You are riding slowly in a town centre. Before turning left you should glance over your left shoulder to

4) You're in a one-way street and want to turn right. There are two lanes. Where should you position your vehicle?

5) You MUST obey signs giving orders.
These signs are mostly in

6) You will use more fuel if your tyres are

7) Any load that is carried on a luggage rack MUST be

8) Diamond-shaped signs give instructions to

9) An MOT certificate is normally valid for

10) Which TWO should you allow extra room when overtaking?
2 answers required

11) You are travelling behind a bus that pulls up at a bus stop. What should you do?

12) You should use the engine cut-out switch to

13) A police officer asks to see your documents. You do not have them with you.
You may be asked to take them to a police station within

14) You have a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate. How long is it valid?

15) Why have 'red routes' been introduced in major cities?

16) What does this sign mean?

17) As a motorcycle rider which TWO lanes must you NOT use?
2 answers required

18) Overloading your motorcycle can seriously affect the

19) Which three of the following are most likely to take an unusual course at roundabouts?
3 answers required

20) You are riding a motorcycle of more than 50 cc.
Which FOUR would make a tyre illegal?

4 answers required

21) What is a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) declaration?

22) You arrive at a serious motorcycle crash. The motorcyclist is unconscious and bleeding.
Your THREE main priorities should be to

3 answers required

23) Your mobile phone rings while you're travelling. What should you do?

24) You have just passed your test.
How can you reduce your risk of being involved in a collision?

25) A cover note is a document issued before you receive your

26) You are approaching this sign. Who has priority?

27) In good conditions, what is the typical stopping distance at 70 mph?

28) You MUST stop when signalled to do so by a

29) What should you do when you're approaching a bus that's signalling to move away from a bus stop?

30) Which vehicle is most likely to take an unusual course at a roundabout?

31) What does this sign mean?

32) There has been a collision. A driver is suffering from shock.
What TWO of these should you do?

2 answers required

33) You are overtaking a motorcyclist in strong winds.
What should you do?

34) When overtaking at night you should

35) The road is wet. Why might a motorcyclist steer round drain covers on a bend?

36) What should you use your horn for?

37) What is the 'lifesaver' when riding a motorcycle?

38) You are planning a long journey. Do you need to plan rest stops?

39) Which THREE of these do you need before you can use a vehicle on the road legally?
3 answers required

40) By how much can stopping distances increase in icy conditions?

41) Pillion passengers should

42) Which THREE result from drinking alcohol?
3 answers required

43) Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable

44) You should NOT look down at the front wheel when riding because it can

45) You are intending to leave the motorway at the next exit.
Before you reach the exit you should normally position your motorcycle

46) You keep well back while waiting to overtake a large vehicle. A car fills the gap.
You should

47) What is the meaning of this traffic sign?

48) When joining a motorway you must always

49) You are leaving your motorcycle unattended on a road.
When may you leave the engine running?

50) What does this sign mean?

1. c 11. b 21. c 31. d 41. c
2. c 12. a 22. a,c,f 32. b,c 42. a,b,d
3. a 13. b 23. c 33. a 43. c
4. a 14. b 24. d 34. d 44. d
5. d 15. b 25. b 35. b 45. b
6. a 16. c 26. b 36. a 46. b
7. a 17. d,e 27. d 37. b 47. c
8. a 18. c 28. c 38. b 48. d
9. c 19. a,d,f 29. b 39. a,b,d 49. d
10. a,c 20. b,c,d,e 30. d 40. d 50. a

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