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PRINTABLE TEST (answers on the bottom of the page)
Test Type: Mock Large Vehicle Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43

1) You find that you need glasses to read vehicle number plates at the required distance. When must you wear them?

2) You are driving on a motorway.
There has been an accident on the other side of the carriageway.
You should take extra care as traffic in your lane may

3) It is an offence to bring an illegal immigrant into the UK.
The current fine can be up to

4) The audible warning device is operating as you reverse.
You should be

5) Many sleep-related vehicle incidents (SRVIs) occur at work.
Men are more likely than women to be involved.
Between what ages are men most at risk?

6) What's the purpose of road humps, chicanes and narrowings?

7) Your mobile phone rings while you're travelling. What should you do?

8) Operators should operate an 'effective system' to prevent the carriage of illegal immigrants.
What are the three main elements of this?

3 answers required

9) You are driving a vehicle fitted with a speed limiter.
You should allow for its effects when

10) You are driving on a motorway. A moving lorry just ahead of you switches on its hazard warning lights.
What does this mean?

11) You are driving a vehicle with an unladen trailer.
You change into a low gear while travelling at speed. What could happen?

12) At the end of your working week you have driven a total of 56 hours.
What is the maximum number of hours that you can
drive in the following week under EC rules?

13) What happens to diesel fuel when it gets hot?

14) You're driving a slow-moving vehicle on a narrow, winding road. What should you do?

15) A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you, causing you to brake hard. What should you do?

16) You are turning right at a T-junction.
Your view to the right and left is blocked due to parked vehicles.
You should

17) Your vehicle has broken down at night on a two-way road.
You should try to park your vehicle

18) You will be driving your vehicle in Europe.
Which of these documents MUST you carry?

19) What does this sign mean?

20) You break down on a motorway. You need to call for help.
Why may it be better to use an emergency roadside telephone
rather than a mobile phone?

21) You are unable to allow a person in a wheelchair to enter your bus.
What would be the reason for this?

22) You are driving a school bus.
You MUST avoid all physical contact with school children other than

23) A number of sleep related vehicle incidents (SRVIs) are probably work related.
What percentage involve commercial vehicles?

24) You're in a one-way street and want to turn right. There are two lanes. Where should you position your vehicle?

25) Before you leave your vehicle you must always

26) Your mobile phone rings while you are driving. You should

27) You have a digital tachograph driver smart card. It is valid for a maximum of

28) You are driving a lorry with an ISO container on a trailer.
You must make sure that

29) What does this sign mean?

30) You are about to overtake a motorcyclist. They look over their right shoulder.
It is most likely that

31) Which of these components are generally found in an internal combustion engine?
3 answers required

32) You're driving a lorry carrying a load that's 4.5 metres (14 feet 9 inches) wide. What's the maximum speed you're allowed to drive on a motorway?

33) The repair of a speed limiter must be carried out at

34) Which of these can help to maximise fuel economy?

35) Because of its size and design a large vehicle will have

36) Which TWO should you allow extra room when overtaking?
2 answers required

37) What does this sign mean?
traffic sign

38) What's the speed limit on a dual carriageway when you're carrying a load that's 4.5 metres (14 feet 9 inches) wide?

39) You are at the scene of an accident.
Which of these is a symptom of shock?

40) You are driving a bus in hot weather.
May the passenger door be left open to let fresh air in?

41) What basic rule applies when you're using a motorway?

42) When using an independent endurance brake (retarder) on slippery roads,
you should take care to avoid

43) What does this sign mean?

44) What does this road sign mean?

45) At a junction you see this sign partly covered by snow.
What does it mean?

46) You are driving on a motorway.
Your stopping distance can increase by up to ten times if the road surface is

47) In England and Wales, what is the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for a rigid lorry with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes?

48) You are driving a fully-laden vehicle.
You are approaching an uphill gradient as you are overtaking another vehicle.
Which of the following is NOT correct?

49) A lorry is overtaking you on a two-lane motorway.
It does not have the speed to get past. What should you do?

50) Your vehicle is fitted with spray suppression equipment.
What effect will this have on other drivers if it is NOT in good working order?

1. b 11. d 21. a 31. a,d,f 41. b
2. b 12. a 22. a 32. d 42. b
3. b 13. a 23. b 33. a 43. c
4. c 14. c 24. a 34. a 44. b
5. a 15. a 25. b 35. b 45. c
6. d 16. c 26. c 36. a,c 46. b
7. c 17. a 27. c 37. d 47. c
8. a,c,e 18. c 28. b 38. c 48. a
9. c 19. b 29. b 39. c 49. b
10. d 20. c 30. a 40. d 50. b

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