RAC annual report on motoring, this year celebrating 30 years

Thurs, 10th January, 2019

RAC annual report on motoring, this year celebrating 30 years

This is the 30th annual Report and like previous editions, tracks motorists’ changing opinions, priorities and concerns.

Motorists’ own assessment of their dependence on their cars has hardly changed over the last 30 years and cars remain a central part of life for most of us. As a result, this Report is relevant to anyone that uses the roads.

The views of the UK’s approximately 40m motorists are of the utmost importance to politicians, local authorities and the motor industry when it comes to developing policies and plans for the future.

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Quick summary of the key findings in the 30th annual Report:
  • The main concern among motorists is now the condition and maintenance of local roads.
    This year, 42% of motorists say the condition and maintenance of local roads is one of their four main concerns, a significant rise on the 33% recorded in 2017. Almost one in five drivers (17%) say this issue is their number-one concern.
  • Car use has risen for the first time in four years.
    27% of motorists say they are using their cars more than in 2017, while only 18% say their use has reduced; this follows three years where a greater number of drivers reported using their car less. Not surprisingly, 33% of motorists say they are more dependent on their car now than a year ago compared with 27% in 2017.
  • The dangers posed by other motorists’ careless, aggressive or illegal driving remains a significant issue.
    The use of handheld mobile phones by other drivers at the wheel is the second most common concern this year: 38% say this is one of their top four concerns, others include the aggressive behaviour of other motorists – which could include the likes of tailgating, undertaking or even road rage.