Starting Out Guide for Learner Drivers

There are Four key steps to obtaining your FULL Driving Licence.

The minimum age for a UK provisional licence is 17. You will need this before you can start taking lessons.
Any car that you drive before passing your test must display L-plates front and rear and be insured for you to drive.

There are many insurance companies who now offer Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance Policies from 1 day to 5 months when learning to drive in your own vehicle or insure someone else's car (as specified on the policy).

There are Rumours of the minimum driving age going up to 18 in the UK.

You can apply for a moped provisional licence when you are 16, but you have to take and pass the CBT test before you are allowed on the road.

If you want to learn to drive a large goods vehicle (LGV) or a bus or coach (PCV) you have to have a full driving licence for a car and you have to be over 18 years old.

If you are receiving Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate your provisional licence can come into effect when you are 16.

You can only take the Car Theory Test when you are 17 and your provisional licence is in your possession.


Your Provisional Licence

First things first. Everyone needs some sort of licence, otherwise you can't take to the road even under instruction. You can apply for your Provisional licence up to 2 months before your licence is due to start.


Saving for Your Driving Lessons

For those who really want to learn to drive but are struggling to save up the money, we’re breaking down a series of simple, actionable tips to help you put aside any spare cash and get on the road sooner. Saving for your driving lessons


Driving School Directory

Looking for a new Driving School or Instructor in your area?
Have a look at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)Driving School listing.
Thousands of Schools and Instructors Listed.

Finding a Good Driving Instructor is not easy, especially with so many instructors and schools to choose from. And what type of course suits you, Hourly Tuition, Intensive Courses or Residential.

Watch out for Illegal driving instructors, they could be working in your area.

It is vitally important, particularly in today's society, that you know who is teaching you, your son or daughter to drive.


Making The Most Of Your Lessons

And you’re off! You’ve booked your lessons and you’re sitting beside your instructor. Not only that, but you’re actually in the driving seat, surrounded by pedals, brakes and gear leavers which one day you’ll have mastered. You could be feeling terrified, excited, impatient to get going – or a bewildering cocktail of all these emotions.
Find out what to expect on your first few driving lessons


Taking Lessons in an Automatic Car

Learning to start, stop and steer is much easier in a automatic car. So if you are having trouble mastering a manual have a go at an Auto.


Learn to Drive with Family or Friends

Practice makes perfect, so when your driving instructor thinks you are ready, why not get more practice with family or a friend.
Tips and hints for family and friends helping a person to learn to drive.

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