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Test Type: Bike - Alertness
Number of Questions: 10
Pass Mark: 10
Motorcycle Theory Test Section One - Alertness

1) Before you make a U-turn in the road, you should

2) You are waiting to turn right at the end of a road.
Your view is obstructed by parked vehicles.
What should you do?

3) You are turning right at a large roundabout.
Before you cross a lane to reach your exit you should

4) It is vital to check the 'blind area' before

5) When riding, your shoulders obstruct the view in your mirrors.
To overcome this you should

6) What must you do before stopping normally?

7) What is the 'lifesaver' when riding a motorcycle?

8) You are riding at night and are dazzled by the headlights of an oncoming car.
You should

9) You are about to emerge from a junction.
Your pillion passenger tells you it's clear.
When should you rely on their judgement?

10) Which of the following should you do before stopping?

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