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Test Type: Bike - Rules of the road
Number of Questions: 10
Pass Mark: 10
Motorcycle Theory Test Section Ten - Rules of the road

Online Theory Test Revision Car

1) Which three of the following are most likely to take an unusual course at roundabouts?
3 answers required

2) You are approaching a busy junction. There are several lanes with road markings. At the last moment you realise that you are in the wrong lane.
You should

3) You may only enter a box junction when

4) You are riding towards roadworks. The temporary traffic lights are at red. The road ahead is clear.
What should you do?

5) You are on a road with passing places. It is only wide enough for one vehicle. There is a car coming towards you.
What should you do?

6) You are riding slowly in a town centre. Before turning left you should glance over your left shoulder to

7) As a motorcycle rider which TWO lanes must you NOT use?
2 answers required

8) What is the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for cars and motorcycles?

9) You can park on the right-hand side of a road at night

10) You intend to go abroad and will be riding on the right-hand side of the road.
What should you fit to your motorcycle?

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