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Test Type: Cars - Rules of the road
Number of Questions: 10
Pass Mark: 10
Car Theory Test Section Ten - Rules of the road

1) Where is the safest place to park your vehicle at night?

2) When may you reverse from a side road into a main road?

3) You are driving on an urban clearway.
You may stop only to

4) On which THREE occasions MUST you stop your vehicle?
3 answers required

5) At toucan crossings, apart from pedestrians you should be aware of

6) On a three-lane dual carriageway the righthand lane can be used for

7) A single carriageway road has this sign.
What is the maximum permitted speed for a car towing a trailer?

8) Signals are normally given by direction indicators and

9) To help keep your vehicle secure at night, where should you park?

10) You are on a road that has no traffic signs. There are street lights.
What is the speed limit?

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