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Test Type: Large Vehicle - Environmental issues
Number of Questions: 10
Pass Mark: 10
Large Vehicle Theory Test Section 13 - Environmental issues

1) Why have 'red routes' been introduced in major cities?

2) You can help to reduce the impact of road transport on the environment by
2 answers required

3) Some ancillary equipment can increase fuel consumption.
Which will cause the greatest increase?

4) How could you save fuel when driving?
3 answers required

5) You are following a lorry with a leaking fuel tank.
What should you be especially aware of?

6) Which of these can help to maximise fuel economy?

7) Which of the following would be most affected by a vehicle with faulty suspension?
2 answers required

8) Which three of the following could cause unnecessary pollution to the environment?
3 answers required

9) In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions?

10) Fuel consumption could be made worse by continuous use of

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