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Test Type: Mock Car Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43
Try our 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 43 or more and the time allowed to complete the test is 57 minutes.
Good Luck

1) The MAIN benefit of having four-wheel drive is to improve

2) What does this sign mean?

3) Your car is fitted with anti-lock brakes. You need to stop in an emergency.
You should

4) You MUST obey signs giving orders.
These signs are mostly in

5) When should you use hazard warning lights?

6) You are driving on an urban clearway.
You may stop only to

7) You are on a dual carriageway. Ahead you see a vehicle with an amber flashing light.
What could this be?

8) What does this sign mean?

9) Why have 'red routes' been introduced in major cities?

10) An injured motorcyclist is lying unconscious in the road.
You should always

11) Your vehicle breaks down on the hard shoulder of a motorway. You decide to use your mobile phone to call for help.
You should

12) A trailer must stay securely hitched up to the towing vehicle.
What additional safety device can be fitted to the trailer braking system?

13) Which of these should you allow extra room when overtaking?

14) You are turning left into a side road.
What hazards should you be especially aware of?

15) What percentage of all emissions does road transport account for?

16) What does this sign mean?

17) In which of these situations should you avoid overtaking?

18) You are driving in freezing conditions. What should you do when approaching a sharp bend?
2 answers required

19) You are towing a caravan along a motorway. The caravan begins to swerve from side to side.
What should you do?

20) You are approaching this sign. Who has priority?

21) On a long motorway journey boredom can cause you to feel sleepy.
You should

2 answers required

22) Your motor insurance policy has an excess of £100. What does this mean?

23) What's the minimum time gap you should leave when following a vehicle on a wet road?

24) What does this temporary sign mean for drivers of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass?

25) When overtaking at night you should

26) You are driving down a long steep hill. You suddenly notice your brakes are not working as well as normal.
What is the usual cause of this?

27) You have just passed your practical test. You do not hold a full licence in another category. Within two years you get six penalty points on your licence.
What will you have to do?

2 answers required

28) You cannot see clearly behind when reversing.
What should you do?

29) Which of the following vehicles will use blue flashing beacons?
3 answers required

30) Powered vehicles, such as wheelchairs or scooters, used by disabled people have a maximum speed of

31) On a three-lane dual carriageway the righthand lane can be used for

32) You should ONLY flash your headlights to other road users

33) Why is it more difficult to overtake a large vehicle than a car?

34) You are driving on a motorway. The traffic ahead is braking sharply because of an incident.
How could you warn traffic behind you?

35) Where can you find reflective amber studs on a motorway?

36) What does this sign mean?

37) You suspect that an injured person may be suffering from shock.
What are the warning signs to look for?

38) What does this sign mean?

39) There has been a collision. A driver is suffering from shock.
What TWO of these should you do?

2 answers required

40) As a driver why should you be more careful where trams operate?

41) The Pass Plus scheme is designed to

42) Which of the following may cause loss of concentration on a long journey?
4 answers required

43) You keep well back while waiting to overtake a large vehicle.
A car fills the gap. You should

44) You are following a long vehicle. It approaches a crossroads and signals left, but moves out to the right.
You should.

45) An MOT certificate is normally valid for

46) What will reduce the risk of neck injury resulting from a collision?

47) In good conditions, what is the typical stopping distance at 70 mph?

48) What is the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for cars and motorcycles?

49) You are approaching a roundabout. There are horses just ahead of you. What should you do?

50) What is a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) declaration?

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