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Test Type: Mock Large Vehicle Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43
The practice LGV and PCV tests are shortened versions. The actual tests contain 100 questions, and you'll need 85 correct answers to pass.

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1) A laminated windscreen is one which

2) You are securing a very heavy load with a ratchet strap.
What type of anchorage point should NOT be used?

3) A system for controlling the vehicle's speed without using the footbrake is

4) What does this sign mean?
traffic sign

5) In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions?

6) What should you do before making a U-turn?

7) You are turning right at a T-junction.
Your view to the right and left is blocked due to parked vehicles.
You should

8) Under EC rules your normal daily rest period should be at least

9) You notice that two wheel nuts are missing from one of the wheels.
What should you do?

10) What does this road sign mean?

11) You find that you need glasses to read vehicle number plates at the required distance. When must you wear them?

12) You are driving on a motorway in a vehicle fitted with a speed limiter. You should be aware of

13) The vehicle ahead is being driven by a learner. You should

14) As a bus driver, which of the following should you not do?
3 answers required

15) Which TWO should you allow extra room when overtaking?
2 answers required

16) What does this temporary sign mean for drivers of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass?

17) You will be driving your vehicle in Europe.
Which of these documents MUST you carry?

18) You are following a lorry with a leaking fuel tank.
What should you be especially aware of?

19) You are driving along a motorway.
The brake low-pressure warning device starts to operate.
What should you do?

20) Coasting downhill could seriously affect the correct working of the

21) Fuel consumption could be made worse by continuous use of

22) You wish to turn right ahead. Why should you take up the correct position in good time?

23) What does this sign mean?

24) Which THREE of the following are hazards motorcyclists may present in queues of traffic?
3 answers required

25) What should you do when driving or riding along a motorway?

26) The audible warning device is operating as you reverse.
You should be

27) When lifting a heavy box or suitcase manually, what should you try to do?

28) What does this sign mean?

29) You are about to overtake a motorcyclist. They look over their right shoulder.
It is most likely that

30) The holder of a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is required to take 35 hours of training every five years.
This training must be taken in blocks of at least

31) You are driving in a tunnel and your vehicle catches fire.
What should you try to do FIRST?

32) You arrive at the scene of an accident.
It has just happened, and someone is unconscious.
Which of the following should be given urgent priority to help them?

3 answers required

33) You are driving through a tunnel. Your vehicle breaks down.
What should you do?

34) At junctions it is difficult to see motorcyclists because they

35) Which type of load would most benefit from being carried
on a lorry fitted with roadfriendly suspension?

36) When a vehicle has two drivers each driver should

37) What does this sign mean?

38) A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you, causing you to brake hard. What should you do?

39) You are driving at the maximum speed limit for your vehicle on a clear motorway.
You should keep to

40) 'Brake fade' is a loss of effectiveness of the brakes, caused by their continuous use.
When would this be most likely to happen?

41) You are at the front of a queue of traffic waiting to turn right into a side road.
Why is it important to check your right mirror just before turning?

42) What could prevent air pressure building up in an air brake system
in cold frosty weather?

43) To prevent 'brake fade' you should
2 answers required

44) You are driving a high-sided vehicle.
You are about to drive over a high suspension bridge.
What in particular do you need to be aware of?

45) A pelican crossing that crosses the road in a STRAIGHT line
and has a central island must be treated as

46) Large vehicles have many blind spots.
What does 'blind spot' mean?

47) Your mobile phone rings while you are driving. You should

48) Overloading your vehicle can seriously affect the
2 answers required

49) Your mobile phone rings while you're travelling. What should you do?

50) When roping down a load on your lorry what is the best knot to use?

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