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Test Type: Mock Large Vehicle Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43
The practice LGV and PCV tests are shortened versions. The actual tests contain 100 questions, and you'll need 85 correct answers to pass.

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1) You are driving a vehicle higher than 3.0 metres (10 feet).
Extra care must be taken when driving

3 answers required

2) What will help you to achieve eco-safe driving?

3) At a traffic incident a casualty is unconscious.
Which THREE of the following should you check urgently?

3 answers required

4) Which of the following would be most affected by a vehicle with faulty suspension?
2 answers required

5) In windy conditions, which activity requires extra care?

6) You are driving a school bus.
You MUST avoid all physical contact with school children other than

7) Under EC rules your normal daily rest period should be at least

8) By how much can stopping distances increase in icy conditions?

9) You are driving along a motorway.
The brake low-pressure warning device starts to operate.
What should you do?

10) You are driving through the night.
You notice that your steering feels lighter than normal.
What could this mean?

11) At the scene of an accident a person has become hysterical.
You should calm them by

12) Before leaving the cab you should make sure that
3 answers required

13) When planning your route which of the following should be taken into consideration?
3 answers required

14) You arrive at the scene of an accident.
It has just happened, and someone is unconscious.
Which of the following should be given urgent priority to help them?

3 answers required

15) What does this sign mean?

16) What's the purpose of road humps, chicanes and narrowings?

17) What does this road sign mean?

18) You can help to reduce the impact of road transport on the environment by
2 answers required

19) Many modern vehicles are fitted with an additional near-side mirror.
This is positioned so that the driver can see

20) You're in a one-way street and want to turn right. There are two lanes. Where should you position your vehicle?

21) Why is it most important to avoid overfilling the engine oil level?

22) You are driving on a main road. You intend to turn right into a side road.
Just before turning you should

23) You are stationary. The air brake pressure warning light comes on.
Why should you NOT release the parking brake?

24) Before leaving your vehicle cab you should make sure that
3 answers required

25) A lorry is overtaking you on a two-lane motorway.
It does not have the speed to get past. What should you do?

26) Which of the following would reduce the 'wave effect' when driving tankers?

27) A pelican crossing that crosses the road in a STRAIGHT line
and has a central island must be treated as

28) It is an offence to bring an illegal immigrant into the UK.
The current fine can be up to

29) You want to turn right at a roundabout marked with two right-turn lanes.
There is ample room for your vehicle in either lane.
You should

30) You find that you need glasses to read vehicle number plates at the required distance. When must you wear them?

31) You are unable to allow a person in a wheelchair to enter your bus.
What would be the reason for this?

32) When using an independent endurance brake (retarder) on slippery roads,
you should take care to avoid

33) Many sleep-related vehicle incidents (SRVIs) occur at work.
Men are more likely than women to be involved.
Between what ages are men most at risk?

34) Some large vehicles with restricted vision to the rear may be fitted with an audible warning device for reversing.
In areas with a 30 mph restriction the device may be used

35) There are four types of Digital Tachograph Cards.
What is the card known as that is only available to enforcement authorities ?

36) Which THREE of the following are hazards motorcyclists may present in queues of traffic?
3 answers required

37) You are approaching a red light at a puffin crossing.
Pedestrians are on the crossing. The red light will stay on until:-

38) Operators should operate an 'effective system' to prevent the carriage of illegal immigrants.
What are the three main elements of this?

3 answers required

39) A toucan crossing is different from other crossings because

40) Tachograph records must be available for inspection.
An enforcement officer keeps one of your charts.
Who should sign the back of the replacement chart?

41) You are driving on a motorway in heavy rain.
When would you be allowed to use highintensity rear fog lights?

42) You have a digital tachograph driver smart card. It is valid for a maximum of

43) What does this sign mean?
traffic sign

44) The vehicle ahead is being driven by a learner. You should

45) What's the speed limit on a dual carriageway when you're carrying a load that's 4.5 metres (14 feet 9 inches) wide?

46) When driving a laden vehicle downhill,
the effect of gravity will tend to

3 answers required

47) At the end of your working week you have driven a total of 56 hours.
What is the maximum number of hours that you can
drive in the following week under EC rules?

48) You are driving a vehicle not fitted with antilock brakes.
How can 'wheel lock' be controlled during heavy braking?

49) At junctions it is difficult to see motorcyclists because they

50) You are driving on a motorway in a vehicle fitted with a speed limiter. You should be aware of

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