Should you take your instructor on your practical driving test?

Since April 2010 driving examiners have asked you, at the time of your Driving Practical test, if they would like your instructor (or another observer - preferably the person who has taught them to drive) to sit in on your test and listen to the feedback at the end.
However, it is purely your choice.

So, should you ask your Instructor to sit with you?

The person observering you on a test usually sits in the back seat directly behind the driver.
They are not allowed to speak or give any signals or signs to you.

The examiner’s supervisor may come along as well.
Don't worry, it will not make your test harder.

The examiner’s supervisor will be watching the examiner’s performance, not yours. The supervisor won’t have any say in how you’re tested or in your result.
Beware, your test might be cancelled and you could lose your fee if you don’t let the examiner’s supervisor go with you.

Practice makes perfect, so get plenty of practice from a Approved Driving Instructor.

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