Should you use 'P' Plates ?

The first 2 years after passing the driving test are lethal! Over a thousand young lives are lost each year on UK roads. Novice drivers form only 7% of the driving population but have 12% of the injury accidents. Research also shows that accident liability is reduced by nearly half after 2 years' driving experience.

Why display 'P' PLATES?

They show other road users you’re new on the road and most people will give you a bit more time and consideration.

2pass and 'Learn and Live' is strongly in favour of compulsory 'P' Plates.

learn2pass'LEARN AND LIVE' is the original pressure group, formed in 1989, committed to improving road safety, particularly among young and inexperienced drivers.
One of the many proposals of the campaign is the compulsory use of 'P' plates for newly qualified drivers.
It is vital that the plates are displayed for a minimum 2 years to be consistent with the proposed 2-year probationary code on licences and the existing New Driver Act which applies for 2 years following the practical driving test.

Please show your support for the campaign and visit the 2pass'LEARN AND LIVE' website, where you can see other proposals.

You don't have to wait until 'P' plates become compulsory. If you have just passed your practical driving test you can display them NOW

Green P Plates may be displayed on a vehicle by a person who has recently passed their driving test. They are not obligatory

You can buy a pair of 'P' plates from the 'LEARN AND LIVE' website. 2passClick here for more details.