How to Deal With Driving Alone

Well done. You have passed your Driving Test.

Now you have to drive on your own... Some persons prefer to use their first trip after passing their test, with the help of their parents, big brothers, sisters, or friends sitting in with them to give moral support.

This is fine, but there will still be a time when you will have to drive alone.

How about 2passdisplaying 'P' plates

They show other road users you’re new on the road and most people will give you a bit more time and consideration.

Try to choose a journey with some degree of knowledge of the roads. Don't fear it. Perhaps you can drive around the area where your Driving Instructor has been taking you for your driving lessons. You may prefer to stick to a route you have planned beforehand, or you may choose to keep following the road ahead until you are well and truly in a new area.

Always keep an atlas in the car and an A-Z of the district where you live. Then if you get lost, you can use them to find your way back.

If you get lost, don't panic. Wait until you find a convenient stopping place then use your maps to find out where you are, and how to get back to where you wish to go. If you are really lost, ask a policeman or traffic warden. Another good choice is to call into a Service station or to ask a shopkeeper.

Try and ensure you have enough petrol for your journey, if not remember to fill up early.

Let someone know your estimated time of arrival.

If you are travelling at night, or even in the daytime, in some situations it is wise to lock your car doors.

Why not buy a Mobile phone. There are many types available, some of which are relatively inexpensive if you choice the 'Pay As You Go' type. The calls may be expensive but the idea is to only use them in an emergency.

Happy Motoring